A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Zoo

Today, out of curiosity I looked at old photos that I took months ago when hanging out with my high school friends. We were at a zoo, just chilling out for the day before eating Korean barbeque for dinner. It was a really fun day to remember and reminisce about.


Usually, we go to a friend’s house to play games, eat food, watch a movie, whatever. Going to the zoo was breaking our usual pattern. We started off the day eating McDonald’s and waiting for ferries to arrive, to take us to the zoo. I don’t remember exact conversations, just the feelings and thoughts I had of being there with everyone.


We got to the park and then separated into our own mini-groups to explore different parts of the zoo. My favourite part of the entire trip was probably seeing the turtles and the fish. The bugs terrified me though.


I don’t remember much of the conversations that were had on that day, just knowing that I was there with them, looking at all these adorable creatures was enough. Sometimes it really is fun to just sit back and relax and take photos of all the exhibits and animals.


I feel like people these days are so consumed by the idea that friendship requires properly actively doing something and constantly filling the air with chatter and conversation. Sometimes, doing nothing is better. Not everything needs to be said in order for it be felt, to be genuine.


We met up to watch the bird show which was fun for the most part. One of the birds flew near my face though, and with me being the kind of scaredy-cat I am, it was kind of terrifying. Other than that, it was really cool.


Then it came to the zoo’s closing time and since my two friends and I missed the buses, we had to walk down the windy road for twenty minutes. My fitness levels are pretty low so you can imagine how ecstatic I was–note the sarcasm. But it was a good bonding experience. Then dinner came and just like that the day was over.

Even almost a year later, the memory of that day still makes me smile even when I don’t feel too great. Time is a very fleeting thing so you have to make sure to remember and treasure every memory.

*These photos were all taken by me and my photography skills are admittedly not the best. I am working on that though.


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