Dog Days

Recently, I was involved in a fundraising event that aimed to help animals (especially dogs) to be protected against issues that affect them–for example, animal abuse. It was an incredibly fun experience to be a part of and volunteer for, even if my arms and back are still a bit exhausted from all the heavy lifting I had to do.

That morning, I woke up in my bed bleary-eyed and struggling to stay awake. I was incredibly lucky that there was free breakfast available for volunteers in the morning and I remember eating a double serving of food for breakfast to give myself energy.

However, it turns out I didn’t even need the extra food because the adrenaline and excitement for the event supplied me with all the energy I needed. Seeing so many adorable and happy dogs was overwhelming, especially since I don’t have any pets of my own. While I didn’t get to talk to any of the owners properly, as it was a busy event, they were really nice to talk to and they let me take photos of their pets and pet them as well, which was nice. The volunteers and workers were all also incredibly lovely and I even managed to make friends with some of them.

I don’t think people realise this but event volunteering can be really, really, really fun! It can help you in so many different ways. Not to mention, it’s an incredibly satisfying experience. One thing is for sure though and it’s that I’m applying again next year.

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Unfortunately, since it was such a busy event, I didn’t have proper photo-taking opportunities or my camera (I used my phone as a replacement), so the photographs are a bit blurry and the lighting is definitely not the best.

Also, if you’re interested in fighting against animal abuse, here are some organisations that are specifically created for these issues:


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