Am I Doing Enough?

“All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough. Just make sure you do all you can do.” – Les Brown

Being in my second year of university, I feel overwhelmed and stressed with assignments, readings, homework, etc. I barely even have a social life if I’m being honest with myself, and in my downtime, I’d rather search for jobs and volunteering opportunities than read or watch TV shows. I used to think I was doing okay for someone my age, as I was being proactive in ensuring possible employment opportunities for my future and working towards my goals (even if it happened to be at a slow pace).

However, the past year has been tumultuous and quite the learning experience for me. I’ve had jobs interviews on the phone or typical interviews that didn’t go as well as I’d have hoped or applications with no responses whatsoever. The more I think about it, the more irritated and upset I get with myself and my situation.

On social media, many people I know–classmates, friends, relatives, or even from news stories of random strangers–share their lives with the world including how successful and happy they are with their work, uni and social lives. Yes, I know that social media is constructed and not necessarily a true reflection of that individual’s life but it does represent them in some way, doesn’t it?

It’s only recently I’ve noticed my habit of constantly comparing myself to others. I’ve never thought about how much I’ve degraded myself and my mental health, thinking that maybe my situation was my own fault and I should’ve worked harder to find opportunities for myself. Or maybe my resumé wasn’t good enough. I’ve constantly been wondering to myself: “Am I doing enough?”

After talking with my mum and a couple of friends of mine, I realised that this line of thinking was incredibly self-destructive and wouldn’t make the issue go away. After all, I was trying my best and it wasn’t really anyone’s fault that things weren’t working out career-wise for me. I can only do the best that I can do and that’s okay. Eventually, things will work out. And if they don’t, then maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough, or maybe I need to create my own opportunities.

The one thing I know for certain though, is that I need to stop thinking “Am I doing enough?” As long as you do what you can, that’s all that really matters.

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2 thoughts on “Am I Doing Enough?

  1. I can definitely relate! It seems to me that, if left unchecked, you can go through much of your life thinking this way. I often catch myself wondering if I’ve not done enough or “fallen behind” my peers, when really I’m very happy with my studies, career, and personal life. Worrying about the future too much can take away from enjoying your present life stage 🙂

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    1. I definitely agree! It can be so easy to think of all the negatives in your life and think that your life is a mess. But most of the time, it’s just a perception issue and we tend to be our own worst enemies. It’s so necessary to think of the positives and be focused on the present.

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